Chin Implants

We are all aware of the fact that people form a first impression of us as soon as they meet us, and with this being the case we are always conscious of being able to make the best possible impression that we can, every time. With this being the case, if there is something about the way that you look that you are at all uncomfortable with, you may wish that there was a way to change it, as it would have a huge effect on your confidence in general. If you are worried about the shape or size of your chin, then this is something that could easily be fixed by making the most of the chin implants that are available on the market.

What are the benefits of chin implants?

There are many benefits of having chin implants, and the main one is that if you are currently worried about the way that you look, then having chin implants is likely to increase your self-esteem, meaning that you will no longer have to worry about what your chin looks like. It can work to ensure that your face is well-balanced and in proportion, which will improve the way that you look in general. Not only this, but if you have a weak jaw and often suffer with jaw pain then there is a chance that chin implants could help with this, too.

What is the procedure for the surgery?

If you are nervous about the thought of chin implant surgery, then your mind should be put at rest by the fact that, usually, they are done as day cases. The surgery itself should take anywhere between around 45 minutes and an hour, and will take place while you are under a general anaesthetic. An incision will be made under your chin or from within the mouth, depending on the type of implant that is required, and the implant will be inserted and manipulated into place. Your wound will be stitched using dissolvable stitches, and it will be covered by a dressing which should help to keep it clean while it is healing.

Am I a candidate for chin implant surgery?

Ultimately, the decision with regards to whether surgery goes ahead will be reached between yourself and your surgeon. However, if you feel that you are self-conscious about the way your chin looks in a way that has an impact on your daily life, and your surgeon agrees that your features could be in better balance, it is likely that they will agree for the surgery to go ahead.

How long will it take me to recover?

This will depend on your own body and how quickly it usually heals – but you should find that your wound has healed completely within around two weeks. This means that by the time you return to work after your time away, you will no longer need to protect your wound, and will simply be able to enjoy the chin that you have always wanted.

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