Breast Implants

There are several reasons that individuals may choose to have breast implants, and the most common of these reasons are that they are unhappy with their natural breasts, or that they had to have surgery to remove one or both breasts following an illness. If you have been thinking about having breast implants then it is vital that you consider you decision carefully, and choose a surgeon who is able to provide exactly what you are looking for.

Am I a suitable candidate for breast implants?

If you think that you need breast implants then you will need to have a consultation with a surgeon, who will be the one to make the final decision with regards to whether the surgery is right for you. If you think that your breasts are too small – including if it is because you have lost weight or just been through a pregnancy – then a breast enlargement could work to return your breasts to a size that you are happy with when compared with the rest of your body.

Preparing for surgery

If you are a smoker, then your surgeon will ask that you stop during the run-up to your surgery. This is because smoking can increase your risk of infection as your wound is healing, and it is always important to try and lower this type of risk whenever you can. Because the surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic, you will also be required to fast for a certain period of time before your surgery, which your surgeon will advise you of, and you are almost certain to require at least one night in hospital – so you should take everything with you that you might need for an overnight stay.

Beforehand, the surgeon will take some measurements, and provide you with example models of what your breasts might look like depending on the size of the implants that you choose to have inserted. They will work with you to make this decision based on what will look as natural as possible when compared to your current body shape.

The procedure itself

In total, you should expect your surgery to take about an hour and a half from when you are first put to sleep. During the operation, your surgeon will make a cut in your skin – where this cut is made exactly will depend on the surgeon, however they will make you aware of what they are going to do before the procedure. Then, the implant will be inserted either under or on top of your chest muscle. When your surgeon is satisfied that everything is properly in place, they will close the incision with stitches, and you will then be taking to a recovery room and allowed to wake up.

After the surgery, you will need to attend check-up appointments, and the wound will need to be taken care of. It will be explained to you exactly how you should do this, however you should find that provided you follow the instructions, your wounds will heal nicely, leaving you with breasts that you will be more than happy with.

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